Tanya Christopher



The owner of Vertical Kidz, Tanya Christopher started the Vertical Kidz program to help build children's self-esteem & confidence.  Tanya Christopher describes the Vertical Kidz program as “Olympic Style Training of the Vertical Aerial Arts”.  She describes her kidz in this program as "The Future Leaders Of Fitness".   In this program the children will gain confidence which will boost their self esteem, strength, endurance, flexibility, rhythm, healthy competing, and more.


Tanya Christopher was a competitive dancer and power tumbler since the age of 4 years old until the age of 18.  She then managed to dance for semi pro and pro sports teams as well as back up danced for the Rascal Flatts and other musical artists.  She worked as a dance and gymastics teacher for 20 different daycares weekly to kids 4 years of age and under. Tanya Christopher has kept busy as a contracted Professional Choreographer for ten plus years.


Tanya Christopher started studying and teaching Pole Fitness at the age of 23 and opened her studio, Amorous Dance Pole and Fitness, LLC on September 26th, 2011. Her studio had a waiting list after the first 24 hours and continues to remain a top quality studio in Charleston, South Carolina.  She continues to excite the pole world as she certifies beginner & advanced studios with her ADPAF Certification.